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Pool Tile Cleaning
Pool Tile Cleaning
Swimming pools are a great way to beat the Las Vegas heat. That’s why so many homes in Vegas boast a pool. As fun as a pool can be, it also means a lot of responsibility. Without regular cleaning, your pool can develop algae and scale deposits that can be nearly impossible to remove without extreme measures.



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    As a leading pool tile cleaning company in Las Vegas, we make it easy to stay on top of pool maintenance. Our full-service professional pool tile cleaning keeps your pool beautiful and ready for use so you can spend less time on the weekends skimming and scrubbing. We don’t stop at pool tile cleaning, either. We can help you keep your pool looking and performing its best with routine pool maintenance like chemical balancing plus routine repairs to your pool tile and grout. For serious algae problems, we also perform acid washes and chemical baths
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    A Solid Reputation in Las Vegas

    Licensed pool tile cleaning

    We understand you have no shortage of options when choosing a pool tile cleaning company in Vegas. Still, not all pool maintenance companies are created equal. We have years of experience serving Las Vegas homeowners with a dedication to great results and excellent customer service. We have built a reputation in the community and much of our business comes from referrals from our customers.
    Because we know it can be difficult to allow strangers to come to your home, all of our technicians are licensed, trained, and certified professionals for your protection. We are licensed by the state with the proper insurance and commercial equipment to perform the job without risking damage to your pool.
    We have also invested in commercial-grade cleaning equipment to perform glass bead blasting without damage to your swimming pool tiles. Unfortunately, there are many fly-by-night cleaning companies in the area who use the wrong equipment that may be too powerful or adapted from another purpose. While they may seem like a great deal, the wrong equipment can cause permanent damage to your pool.

    Expert Pool Tile Cleaning

    We use the right pool tile cleaning service based on the type of tile you have and the specific problem you’re facing. When our technicians leave, your pool tile will be shining and flawless once again.

    Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas
    Manual swimming pool tile cleaning isn’t just exhausting; it’s also ineffective. It can be difficult to remove scale from pool tile, especially if it’s been accumulating for awhile. We use a process called salt blasting or bead blasting to safely and efficiently remove scale, grime, and algae from the surface of your swimming pool tiles. This technique is effective on all types of pool tile including ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone. Whether we use glass beads or salt will depend on the type of scale and the type of tile to prevent damage.
    When the technicians arrive from our pool tile cleaning company, they will drop the water level in your pool slightly to expose the waterline tile. Special commercial-grade equipment is used to blast the surface of the tile with salt or very tiny glass beads to gently scrub away the calcium scale. It’s crucial that this process be done with a low air pressure to avoid pitting the tile. Once the tile is clean, we vacuum the glass beads back out of your pool so they can be reused. Your pool tile will also be hand polished to remove residue grime.
    • Porcelain tile cleaning
    • Ceramic tile cleaning
    • Glass tile cleaning
    • Natural stone cleaning
    • Mosaic pool tile cleaning

    Fast and Safe Pool Tile Cleaning

    Attention to detail for superior results

    Our pool tile cleaning company has a reputation for superior results and this requires a careful approach to swimming pool tile cleaning. We only use commercial-grade equipment designed specifically for bead blasting. This equipment blasts the beads or mineral salt using low air pressure that dislodges calcium scale without damaging even delicate glass or hand-painted tile.
    Salt and bead blasting is also an eco-conscious choice. After pool tile cleaning, we remove and reuse the glass beads multiple times to reduce waste. We never use harsh chemicals that can irritate skin or harm the environment. Best of all, our technicians arrive on time and finish the job in around two or three hours, leaving your home with a beautiful, sparkling clean pool ready for swimming again.
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