Pool Tile Cleaning

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Pool Tile Cleaning
There’s no need to spend your weekend scrubbing your pool tile with a pumice stone in an effort to remove that stubborn white ring and calcium deposits.
If your pool tile has seen better days and you’re looking for a fast, effective, and affordable solution, we can help. Our swimming pool tile cleaning in Las Vegas, Nevada can remove years of scale deposits and grime safely and easily. Our eco-friendly process is safe for your tile and grout with absolutely no chemicals.



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    Pool Tile Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

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    Don’t let just anyone clean your pool tiles. While this may seem like a straightforward process, improper technique, high pressure pool tile cleaning, and harsh chemicals can all damage the grout and delicate tile. We use a unique process that involves blasting your tile with very tiny glass beads or mineral salt with low air pressure. Pool bead blasting can remove even thick calcium deposits, grime, and algae without damaging your tile.
    Our pool bead blasting is environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and completely safe for all surfaces. We can use this process for glass tile cleaning, porcelain tile cleaning, and ceramic tile cleaning without risking damage to the grout or tile.

    How It Works

    You don’t need to waste hours fruitlessly scrubbing away at your pool tile. Our licensed pool tile cleaning experts will reveal polished, clean tile free of scale and algae with our safe yet effective Las Vegas pool tile cleaning process.

    How It Works
    When our techs arrive, they will use a submersible pump to lower the water level by around 6″. This allows us to see the deposits and remove them completely. Once the water level is low enough, a technician will get in your pool and use either a glass bead blasting or salt blasting technique to clean your tile. Mineral salt or tiny glass beads are blasted against your tile with safe, low air pressure. We always begin with a tiny test area to make sure the glass bead blasting won’t damage your tile although it’s safe for most tile and grout.
    If your pool tile or other surfaces are too delicate, we will switch to a mineral salt blast. This strategy is also more effective for certain types of scale or very thick calcium build-up. Salt blasting is usually recommended for hand painted tile, black tile, and glass tile.
    After the scale, algae, and grime is removed from your pool tile, we will vacuum the glass beads out of your pool so they can be reused. Your tile will also be polished by hand.
    Bead blasting and/or mineral blasting are very gentle and safe for all surfaces and tiles. We can use this tile blasting technique for:
    • Porcelain tile cleaning
    • Ceramic tile cleaning
    • Glass tile cleaning
    • Natural stone cleaning
    • Mosaic pool tile cleaning

    Pool Tile Repair & Installation

    Providing The Best Services City wide

    Do you have cracked, damaged, or missing pool tiles? Or do you simply want to give your pool a brand-new look? We can help with reliable swimming pool tile repair and pool tile grout repair in Las Vegas. If your grout is deteriorating or you have missing or damaged tiles, we will start by diagnosing and addressing the problem. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to pool tile repair service. For long-term results, we will remove the grout from the affected area, prep the surface, and reinstall the tiles.
    If you have several damaged areas of tile or you’re ready to replace your pool tile completely, you can count on our tile contractors for beautiful and flawless results. We offer cost-effective pool tile installation in Las Vegas, NV to give your pool a brand-new look and feel. Our technicians can install all types of pool tile from beautiful glass and hand-painted tile to porcelain and ceramic. Glass pool tile installation is more expensive than ceramic but adds a reflective and multi-dimensional appearance to make the pool look larger. Ceramic swimming pool tile installation is more affordable and still offers a broad range of colors and styles.
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    Do you have any questions for us about pool tile cleaning in Las Vegas? Do you want to know more about our process or how to keep your pool tile clean? Look no further! Here are a few frequently asked questions from customers. We are just a call away for any additional concerns you may have.
    How will you clean my pool tile?
    For most pool tile, we use glass bead blasting which involves blasting the tile and grout with very tiny glass beads that quickly remove the scale deposit. In some cases, we will recommend mineral salt blasting instead of glass beads.
    We will recommend salt blasting if you have black tile, delicate glass tile, hand-painted tile, or natural stone. Both options require draining just six inches of water from your pool and use absolutely no chemicals.
    What causes scale in my pool?
    The scale you notice on the waterline of your pool and around water features is a result of evaporation. When water evaporates, it leaves calcium and hard minerals on the surface. These minerals form a hard scale buildup that gets thicker over time. You will probably have a problem with scale in your pool if you have hard water and see hard water deposits around indoor faucets. There are three factors that can contribute to pool scale: high alkalinity, high pH, and high calcium content.
    What is the white stuff at the waterline?
    White rings frequently develop at the waterline of pools due to evaporation and mineral deposits that are left behind. The white deposits on your tile and around water features are made up of calcium and hard minerals from the water itself. This scale can look like a thick ring or streaks along spillways and inside water features.
    There are two main types of calcium deposits found in pools in Las Vegas. Calcium carbonate is the easiest to remove and can be cleaned with a pumice stone, provided the pumice stone doesn’t scratch your tile. Of course, this is still a time-consuming process to do by hand. Calcium silicate deposits take longer to develop but they are much harder to remove. They do respond very well to glass bead blasting.
    While scale deposits in your pool can’t be prevented 100%, they can be treated and removed to restore a clean, beautiful appearance to your pool. It’s always best to address mineral deposits as soon as you notice them. The longer they are left alone, the thicker they will become and the harder they will be to remove. What begins as a fairly easy problem to remove yourself can become so thick it requires professional pool tile cleaning.