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Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas NV
Tile Repair
Swimming pool tile can last around 20 years if it’s properly maintained but you will be faced with occasional repairs, especially as your tile gets older. You may notice problems like tiles that are popping off, cracked tiles, or deteriorating grout. As soon as you notice problems with your pool tile, it’s important to give us a call. Ignoring tile damage means the problem will only get worse and cause water damage to your pool that can be very expensive to repair.



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    We specialize in all types of swimming pool tile repair in Las Vegas, including tile replacement, waterline tile damage, and pool tile grout repair. Have you been told your pool tile is beyond repair? Give us a call for a second opinion! We have saved many pools considered too far gone and in need of complete tile replacement. Call us to request an estimate for your pool.
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    Pool Tile Repair Service

    One of the leading pool tile repair companies in Las Vegas

    While your pool will probably need a full re-tile every 20 years or so, occasional pool tile repair in Las Vegas, NV will be necessary. As one of the leading pool tile repair companies in Las Vegas, you can count on our contractors for reliable and quality tile repair. We will remove the damaged tile and old layer of thin set before preparing the surface and reinstalling the tile. In most cases, we don’t even need to drain your pool at all thanks to special products designed for underwater use.
    Sometimes in the course of repairing broken or missing tile, we discover cracks or damage in the beam, or the area of your pool wall just behind the tile. These cracks will need to be repaired before the tile can be replaced as they are likely the cause of the tile damage.

    Causes of Pool Tile Damage

    When you notice pool tiles that have cracked or fallen off, it may indicate more than just an aesthetic problem.

    Pool Tile Damage
    Sometimes pool tile fall off or become damaged due to improper installation or age. Other factors that can make tiles break off include:
    • Expansive soil
    • Ground movement
    • Insufficient drainage
    • Failed or missing coping urethane bead. This prevents water from getting behind the tile. When water accesses this joint between the coping and the tile, it will start to deteriorate the concrete and delaminate the tile.
    • The bond beam was not correctly butted and prepped for the trim
    • A leak or crack behind the tile due to moisture between the concrete and grout, which breaks down the tile adhesive
    Unlike some pool tile repair companies in Las Vegas, we believe it’s important to determine why the damage occurred before it’s repaired. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, simply replacing the missing tiles won’t be enough and the problem will return. A moisture barrier may be necessary to stop water from getting behind your tile, for example. We will not simply replace the missing tile only for them to fall off again or worse in a few weeks.

    Spa Wall Repair

    Fix Damaged Spa Tiles

    Many pool owners choose to have an attached spa installed with their pool. Attached pool spas can definitely be a lot of fun for kids and adults, even when they aren’t heated. Unfortunately, they are also prone to developing issues.
    If your pool as an attached or integrated spa, the spa wall or the spillway are likely where you will experience tile damage and popped tiles first. Spillways and spa walls are most susceptible to damage due to the temperature differences between the water and the structure of the spa puts stress on the walls. Spa walls have an inside radius with no capstone or coping stone. As the pool expands and contracts, the inside curve is subjected to the most strain as the pool will slightly push in on the spa wall. Over a period of years, this can cause cracks in the wall, mortar, and tile.
    This tends to cause buckling of the tiles that makes them pop off. Spillover walls that separate the pool from the spa can be even more prone to trouble with tiles that fall off, cracks in the wall, and even crumbling. The first sign of trouble is usually a tile that has fallen off or even cracked, revealing a crack in the spa wall itself.
    Pool tile repair in Las Vegas can address issues with your spa wall by repairing the damage to the wall before replacing the missing or damaged tiles.
    Spa Wall
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    Do you have any questions for us about pool tile cleaning in Las Vegas? Do you want to know more about our process or how to keep your pool tile clean? Look no further! Here are a few frequently asked questions from customers. We are just a call away for any additional concerns you may have.
    How does pool tile repair work?
    Pool tile repair is straightforward: remove the damaged tiles and chip away the old thin set, determine the cause of the problem, and proceed. After we find out why your pool tiles are fallen off or cracked and the issue is fixed, the substrate will be prepared by removing all of the old material and installing a new mud base or mortar base tile preparation. Once the new tile is installed and set, new grout will be installed.
    Will my pool tile need to be completely replaced?
    Unless your tile is approaching 20 years old or you have widespread problems, there’s probably no need to re-tile your pool unless you want to. Pool tile repair in Las Vegas usually involves replacing just a few missing or damaged tiles or a damaged section. We can use leftover tile you may have saved or find a match to restore a seamless and beautiful look for your pool.
    Are you able to match my existing pool tile?
    Matching older pool tile can be a challenge unless you have a style of tile that was very popular. We will do our best to match your existing pool tile but if we can’t, there are three solutions: having new tiles custom-made, installing a completely different type of tile as an accent, or replacing your tile.
    Custom-made tile to match your existing style can be expensive, of course, but it may be worth it if you love the style of your pool tile. Replacing all of your tile rather than opting for a simple pool tile repair in Las Vegas isn’t a cost-effective solution unless your tile is old, you don’t like it, or you are just going to replace the waterline tile.
    The most cost-effective solution is usually using a completely different color of tile. We can replace the damaged tile and selected other tiles around your pool to incorporate the new accent.
    Can pool tile repair be done underwater?
    Yes! Many repairs can be done while the tiles are submerged. In fact, this can be the best way to perform repairs because it avoids completely draining the pool which can cause pressure issues and damage your plaster. We use different techniques and products depending on whether the tiles are submerged. Only products designed for underwater use should be used to repair submerged tile.