Pool Tile Installation

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Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas NV
Pool Tile Installation
Pool tile installation in Las Vegas, Nevada is a popular choice to give your poolscape a beautiful, clean appearance.
Tile lasts longer than other options like vinyl pool liners with a more luxurious look and feel. Whether you are installing a new pool or your existing tile is ready to be replaced, we can help. We offer professional and reliable pool tile installation to completely update your poolscape.



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    Swimming Pool Tile Installation

    Ready to give your pool a fresh look and feel?

    Our pool tile installation service can take your pool from drab and outdated to stunning, inviting, and modern. A complete retile of your whole pool will require draining your pool with a submersible pump. We will remove all of the old tiles, grout, and thin set before scrubbing and preparing the surface for new tile installation.
    Chalk lines are used to ensure perfectly straight installation. Once the tile is installed, it will need to dry before we apply the grout between the tiles. Only once the grout is fully dry can the pool be refilled.

    Waterline Pool Tile Installation

    Waterline tiles add a striking finishing touch to your pool, matching or contrasting with your pool’s color.

    Water Line
    Waterline tiles add a striking finishing touch to your pool, matching or contrasting with your pool’s color. Your waterline tile can serve as an accent for your pool and it can even make your pool look larger and deeper. If your waterline tile is falling off or cracking, keep in mind that there may be damage behind the tile that should be addressed at the same time as the waterline pool tile installation.
    For example, a common problem is moisture that has gotten behind the coping, usually due to a failed seal on the expansion joint. This allows water to damage the tile and the mortar. It may be necessary to replace your coping along with the waterline tile if the damage is too bad.
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    Do you have any questions for us about pool tile cleaning in Las Vegas? Do you want to know more about our process or how to keep your pool tile clean? Look no further! Here are a few frequently asked questions from customers. We are just a call away for any additional concerns you may have.
    When might I need to have my pool tile replaced?
    In general, pool tile can last around 20 years if it’s properly maintained. This refers to staying on top of damage and missing tiles, investigating the cause, correcting underlying issues like cracks and leaks, and using the right products to make repairs. Your pool tile will likely give several signs it’s ready to be replaced, including tile missing or falling off in several areas, cloudiness, and failing grout. You may want to consider new swimming pool tile installation in Las Vegas once your tile reaches around 15-20 years old or whenever you decide you want a new look for your pool.
    How does pool tile installation work?
    If you are re-tiling your entire pool, it will need to be completely drained before we begin. We take care to remove all of your existing tile, grout, and thin set prior to pool tile installation in Las Vegas to ensure long-lasting results. The process of installing your new pool tile may take several days to allow the mortar base and grout to dry completely.
    If you are only planning for waterline pool tile installation, your pool will not need to be drained but the water level must be lowered first.
    Do you offer many types of pool tile?
    Absolutely. We can install any type of pool tile, including beautiful glass pool tile installation. We can help you choose from a selection of pool tiles or you can explore tile options on your own. Once you find a tile you like, we can install it.