Pool Tile Cleaning Service

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Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas NV
Is your swimming pool becoming an eyesore instead of a beautiful oasis? Keeping your pool looking its best requires a lot of work, including balancing the chemicals, skimming, routine repairs, and, of course, pool tile cleaning. If you’re tired of spending your hard-earned weekends on pool cleaning, we can help with cost-effective and reliable pool tile cleaning service. Professional pool tile cleaning means your pool will always look its best and be ready for use for the next dip, pool party, or barbecue. As a leading pool tile company that has served Las Vegas for years, we do it all from swimming pool tile cleaning to pool tile repair and acid washing. Unlike some pool tile cleaners, we have invested in specialized commercial-grade equipment to deliver reliable results without damaging your swimming pool tiles. Our licensed, trained experts don’t do pool cleaning as a side business: we are fully committed to providing the best possible pool services and nothing else
Dealing with a white haze or thick ring around your pool tile? You don’t need to waste your time trying to remove this stubborn calcium buildup on your own. Our technicians can have your pool tile sparkling clean in just a couple of hours.



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    Pool Tile Cleaning Service

    How do we clean your pool tile?

    Bead blasting is an affordable, safe, and effective way to restore your pool tiles to their original shine while removing years of grime and scale. This pool tile cleaning takes about 2 to 3 hours and involves the use of specialized equipment to skip the difficult manual labor and risk of scratches that come with pumice stones and scrubbing.
    Our pool tile cleaning service in Las Vegas, NV involves:
    • Draining your pool about 6 inches
    • Bead blasting the tile around your pool
    • Vacuuming up beads from the water
    • Hand polishing the clean tile
    • Re-filling the pool
    We clean all types of swimming pool tiles with very small glass beads or mineral salt, depending on the material. This process is safe for porcelain, ceramic, glass, natural stone, and hand-painted tile without risking scratches or pitting.
    Pool Tile Cleaning

    Acid Washing & Algae Removal

    Troubled by algae blooms? Our Las Vegas pool cleaning experts can restore your pool’s brilliance and your water’s clarity. Acid washes and chlorine baths are heavy-duty treatments for the most serious algae problems.

    Pool Algae Removal
    Facing a green pool? When you’re dealing with a serious algae problem, even draining the water isn’t enough. Algae can live and bloom in your pool plaster or pebble pool and become difficult to remove. We offer chlorine baths and acid washes that can treat even the worst algae problems and stains that can’t be reached with other treatment methods.
    An acid wash involves stripping away a very thin layer of your pool plaster to expose fresh plaster that isn’t contaminated with algae. This service does require draining the pool so our technicians can apply diluted muriatic acid to the surface. The acid is washed off quickly to reveal bright, clean plaster with dramatic results. A chlorine bath is similar but it’s used for pebble pools and involves applying a liquid chlorine wash to the surface that’s scrubbed into the pores and rinsed away. We only advise an acid wash or chlorine bath when you are dealing with significant algae issues and want to restore a bright, white finish.

    Eco-Friendly Pool Tile Cleaning Service

    Sparkling pool tile with no chemicals at all

    We are committed to protecting the environment and use an environmentally conscious pool tile cleaning service in Las Vegas that requires no harsh chemicals or waste. We can remove even stubborn and serious scale from your pool tiles using natural mineral salt or recyclable glass beads and commercial-grade equipment. In the case of glass beads, we simply vacuum them back out of the pool water so they can be reused again and again.
    Bead blasting isn’t just the eco-friendly decision for keeping your pool clean: it’s also the most effective way to clean pool tile in Las Vegas. Traditional methods involving manual labor and pumice stones don’t work well, take a long time, and fail to produce the results you’re looking for. Our licensed, trained experts safely clean your swimming pool tiles without the risk of damage. Our specialized equipment blasts glass beads or mineral salt directly against the tile with a low air pressure that dislodges scale, dirt, and algae without damaging the tile itself.
    Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas
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