Professional Pool Tile Cleaning

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Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas NV
Pool Tile Cleaning
Tired of spending hours on pool maintenance and struggling to scrub and scrape off stubborn calcium deposits from your swimming pool tiles? Let us help.We offer affordable professional pool tile cleaning in Las Vegas to keep your pool looking its best. Our licensed pool technicians use specialized equipment to quickly and safely remove algae stains, dirt, and scale from all types of pool tile to leave behind a gleaming, clean pool ready for your next party or get-together.
Unlike other pool cleaning contractors in the area, we don’t do pools as a side business. We are a leading Las Vegas pool tile company that has invested in training and commercial-grade equipment to deliver reliable and stunning results. Whether you need professional pool tile cleaning service, an acid wash to treat a serious algae problem, or pool tile repair, we can help.



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    Environmentally Safe Pool Tile Cleaning

    Get the same beautiful shine without harsh chemicals

    We are dedicated to protecting the environment and your health with safe, responsible pool tile cleaning in Las Vegas. We use natural mineral salt or tiny glass beads combined with specialized bead blasting equipment to safely remove serious calcium deposits and grime from your swimming pool tiles without harsh products. Glass bead blasting doesn’t even produce any form of waste as the glass beads are vacuumed out of your pool when we’re done so they can be reused many times over.
    Bead blasting is a smart choice if you care about the environment but it isn’t just eco-friendly: it’s a highly efficient means to clean pool tile in Las Vegas without damaging even delicate glass tile. Our licensed pool cleaning experts will only need to lower your water level about six inches and your pool will be back to its former shining glory in about two hours.

    Professional Pool Tile Cleaning

    We use a state-of-the-art bead blasting process to make your pool tile look like new again. This eco-friendly cleaning process effectively removes even years of built-up scale.

    Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas
    We clean swimming pool tiles using advanced bead blasting technology that safely and efficiently removes even the most stubborn scale deposits without chipping, scratching, or pitting your tile. We use a 5-step approach to deliver a brilliant and shining pool you’ll be proud to show off.
    Lower the water level. We drop the water level by about 6 inches with a submersible pump to expose the waterline tile and calcium deposits.
    Prepare for cleaning. Our technicians will enter the pool with commercial-grade bead blasting equipment designed specifically for pool tile. We use either glass beads or Epsom mineral salt depending on the type of tile.
    Remove calcium deposits. Our pool tile cleaning pros will shoot beads or salt against your pool tile at a low pressure to remove mineral and calcium build up and chemical residue from your tile
    Hand-clean your tile. Once we blast away scale deposits, we will hand-polish your pool tile to remove any additional residue and restore the shine to your pool tile.
    Bead removal. The last step is using a portable pool vacuum to remove the glass beads from your pool so they can be recycled.

    Experienced Technicians & Quality Results

    Your pool is a major investment. Don’t trust it to just anyone.

    You spent a lot of money designing and installing your pool, not to mention the maintenance and care that you put into it to keep it clean and safe. Don’t make the mistake of trusting your pool tile cleaning to inexperienced contractors who only clean pools on the side. Unfortunately, many pool cleaners in Las Vegas use equipment that is too powerful and not designed for pool tile, potentially leading to permanent damage to your tile. Our licensed and trained experts use specialized bead blasting equipment that restores beauty to your swimming pool tiles without risk.
    We have served Las Vegas homeowners for years with a commitment to quality results and superior customer service. We have invested in commercial-grade bead blasting equipment and proper training of our technicians to avoid the problems that can come from inexperience. We customize our professional pool tile cleaning in Las Vegas based on the type of pool tile you have. For example, mineral salt works well on delicate glass tile but glass beads are a better choice for ceramic.
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