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Has your pool tile seen better days? Are you embarrassed to invite people over to swim thanks to a thick, white ring of scale and stubborn stains? If you’ve tried to manage the problem on your own, you know it’s easier said than done.
Calcium scale deposits can be incredibly difficult to remove manually and may require hours spent with a pumice stone and chemicals. Let us take care of the problem for you. Our swimming pool tile Las Vegas company specializes in professional tile cleaning and pool tile replacement to transform your pool from dreary and dirty to clear, clean, and beautiful.



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    Professional Pool Tile Cleaning

    Restore your pool’s beauty today

    You invested a lot into your pool. Don’t let it become an eyesore with stains and calcium scale. Our swimming pool tile Las Vegas experts can restore the original beauty to your tile with a safe, environmentally friendly pool tile cleaning service.

    Swimming Pool Tile Las Vegas Cleaning Service

    Do you have stubborn scale buildup and stains on your swimming pool tiles?

    Pool Tile Cleaning
    We make your tile look like new again with specialized cleaning methods for swimming pool tile in Las Vegas.
    Do you have a white ring around your pool’s waterline and water features like fountains? This white gunk is some type of calcium deposit that forms as your pool water evaporates, leaving the minerals in the water behind on your tile. Scale buildup may look like white streaks or a thick, crusty ring. Calcium scale comes in two main forms in swimming pools: calcium carbonate, which is the easiest to remove, and calcium silicate, which can be very difficult to get rid of. Both forms of scale respond very well to a technique called glass bead blasting which safely scours the surface of the tile to blast away the scale without damaging the tile itself.
    Cleaning swimming pool tile in Las Vegas isn’t as easy as it may seem. Doing the job well requires specialized equipment and a careful technique to avoid pitting or even cracking the tile. We strive to be the best pool tile company in Las Vegas by using special shot blasting equipment designed specifically for delicate materials like pool tile.
    When we arrive for pool tile cleaning, our technicians will use a submersible pump to drop your pool’s water level by about six inches to give us access to the tile at the water line. We use mineral salt or tiny glass beads that are blasted against the surface of the tile and grout with a low air pressure that won’t cause damage. Glass beads are appropriate for many types of swimming pool tile in Las Vegas but mineral salt is used for delicate hand-painted tile and glass tile.
    Once the scale and grime is removed, the glass beads are vacuumed up and recycled for use again. We finish by hand polishing your tile to reveal a beautiful and flawless shine. This entire process takes more than a few hours and your pool will be ready for use again as soon as we leave.

    Pool Tile Replacement and Repair

    Damaged or missing tile? Not a problem!

    As your pool ages, it’s common for swimming pool tiles to pop off, crack, or get damaged. The good news is fixing the problem is as easy as calling the swimming pool tile Las Vegas experts. In the case of missing or damaged tile, we start by determining the cause of the problem and correcting any underlying issues. If new tile is installed without fixing the problem, the tile will simply fall off again in the near future. Depending on the type and age of your tile, we may be able to find a match. If we can’t, we can recommend alternatives such as a contrasting color to create a decorative element or a company that can reproduce your existing tile.
    If you’re ready for a new look for your pool, we also offer new pool tile installation. We have been installing pool tile in Las Vegas for decades with the experience and expertise necessary for a flawless final result. Ceramic tile is the most cost-effective solution for your pool but glass swimming pool tiles can add a unique multi-dimensional, reflective look that can make your pool appear larger. Whether you are tiling your whole pool or just replacing waterline tile, we can help with a huge array of materials, styles, and colors.
    Pool Tile Repair
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